Frequently asked questions


Where are the boats located?

There are several locations and even more coming, both in Denmark and internationally.
Currently the locations are:
Islands Brygge 10, 2300 Copenhagen S
Northen part of Copenhagen
Southern part of Copenhagen.

How fast do the boats sail?

Read more about the different boats here.

How many people can fit on the boats?

Read more about the different boats here.

Is there storage space on the boats?

Yes, all boats have storage space for various items you may want to bring on a sailing trip.

Does Ocean Collectives membership require sailing experience or a sailing license?

Yes, Ocean Collectives requires a speedboat certificate. Fortunately, we offer it either at a discounted price or completely free in membership B. Learn more here.

Are there life jackets on board?

Yes, Ocean Collectives provides life jackets and all other necessary safety equipment to comply with regulations and provide safety.


What is Ocean Collectives?

Ocean Collectives is the ultimate boat-sharing solution with Danish-designed electric boats, where beautiful sailing experiences, exceptional service, high comfort, and cozy moments with family, friends, or colleagues are a top priority. Additionally, you gain access to a community of members, neighbors, and others, which can evolve into lifelong friendships centered around high-quality maritime experiences.

How often can you sail?

In the app, you can book a boat whenever you feel like it. It is also where you keep track of your current and previous bookings. All memberships allow for having 2 bookings in the system simultaneously. This means you can confidently book a boat for the future but also enjoy more spontaneous sailing opportunities.

How long can I sail?

You can sail from morning till evening, depending on how you want to use your ongoing bookings. Everyone has 2 ongoing bookings, and the days are divided into morning and evening slots. If you only want to book an evening trip, you can do so, and if you want to book a full day (both slots), you can do that too.

How are pricing?

Always up-to-date and current prices can be found here.

How do you book a boat?

Once you have signed up here, you will receive an introduction to the app.

During sailing

Is it allowed to consume alcohol on board the boat?

The captain must remain sober during sailing. Guests and passengers are allowed to consume alcohol. However, Ocean Collectives encourages moderation and displaying good manners in the harbors.

Where can you sail to?

It is up to each individual, and only imagination sets the limits on where the route goes. However, remember that there must be enough battery power on the boat to safely return. A boat with a 20KwH battery and a 6Kw motor will typically be able to sail 30-40km during a booking.

Can you swim from the boat?

Yes, you can definitely do that. However, please be mindful of bathing areas and any restrictions in the inner harbor.

Is water sports possible?

Water sports will typically not be possible in Breeze 20 and Mana 23, as these boats are not planing boats. However, new boats are constantly being added to the fleet.

Are you allowed to listen to music on the boat?

Yes, you are allowed to do that. However, Ocean Collectives encourages moderation and displaying good manners in the harbors.

Are you allowed to bring your own drinks and food on board?

Yes, here, only imagination sets the limits.


Is it possible to pick up/drop off the boat at a different location?

No, the boats have a fixed location for pick-up and drop-off.