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All members have access to the Ocean Collectives app. Here, you can manage your sailings, book a boat, and check in and out. You can also view past and upcoming sailings.

Sail when it fits you

In the app, you can book a boat whenever you like. It's also where you keep track of your existing and past bookings. All memberships allow for two bookings in the system at a time, enabling you to schedule a future boat trip while also having the flexibility for more spontaneous sailing.

You can choose the date, time, and which boat you'd like from the available options.

Ocean Collectives in Copenhagen offers booking options for either morning (10:00-15:00) or evening (17:00-21:30) slots. If you wish to sail the whole day, you can use both bookings for this purpose. They are renewed after your sailing session is completed.

When you set sail and return

When you've booked a boat and are ready for your water adventure, everything is managed through the app. Upon arriving at the location, you'll need to answer some questions about the boat's condition and take pictures for documentation. The app then grants you access to the boat, and you can easily set sail on your adventure.

Upon returning from your trip, you'll need to take comparison photos of the boat, after which you lock the boat's access through the app. This system ensures that the boats always meet your expectations and maintain a high level of luxury and user-friendliness.

If you're sailing with an electric boat, always remember to plug it in for charging, so the boat is ready for the next sailors.

More than just sailing

Our main focus at Ocean Collectives is, of course, sailing. But as a member, you get more. You become part of a community of happy boaters who all love the sea and sailing. We see this as a potential for lifelong friendships!

Ocean Collectives regularly hosts events for members. We have visits from experienced sailors who provide valuable tips. We meet with our neighbors and local sailors in the harbors. And we organize events with a focus on sustainability, in collaboration with organizations like WWF and the Danish Society for Nature Conservation. All this is done to collectively take care of the sea.


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